What percentage of people have tattoos in Australia?

Tattoo Statistics Australia

We all know the British are the most tattooed people on the planet, but how does Australia stack up compared to the rest of the world?

How many tattoos do Australians have? When does the average Aussie get their first tattoo? We did a roundup of Australian tattoo facts and statistics and compiled them into an easy to read infographic. Some statistics may suprise you!

Enjoy, Tattoo Statistics Australia (an Infographic)

Tattoo Statistics Australia Infographic Transcription:

Who has tattoos in Australia?

  • 14.5% of Australians have at least one tattoo.
  • Percentage of men who have tattoos 15.4%.
  • Percentage of women who have tattoos 13.6%.

At what age do Australians get their first tattoo?

While a number of individuals reported getting tattoos when they were younger, 40% of people got their first tattoo aged 26 or older. 1 in 10 Australians got their first tattoo aged mid 40s or older.

How many tattoos do Australians have?

Of those who have tattoos, 54% only have one tattoo, 23% have two to three tattoos, and a further 15% have five or more tattoos.

The most common tattoo placements

Male: Back, bicep

Female: Neck, bicep, ribcage, feet


  • $93 Million was spent on tattoos in Australia in 2012
  • There were 987 tattoo related businesses in Australia (2012)
  • There are more than 2000 people working in Australia’s tattoo industry.